News in 2015

Dr. Jin-Hua Li from Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited our group

24-Dec 2015

Dr. Jin-Hua Li visited our group to discuss future cooperation with us and also gave us a presentation titled "Interaction between minerals and microorganisms".


Lu Wang has defended his dissertation

19-Nov 2015

Lu Wang has successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation on 19th Nov, 2015.

Congratulations to Lu Wang!


Dr. Ludmila Chistoserdova from University of Washington visited our group

15-Nov 2015

During 15th to  20th Nov, Dr.  Ludmila Chistoserdova visited our group and gave us a presentation titled "Bacterial methane oxidation as a community function: a new perspective on an important environmental process, through omics and microcosm manipulations" on 17th Nov. During her stay, she also had a lot of discussions with the members on extensive issues.


Dr. David Strik from Wageningen University visited our group

10-Nov 2015

Dr. David Strik visited our group and gave us a presentation titled "Agriculture for the 21st century – Bio(electrochemical)technology for production of electricity, fuels & chemicals".


Dr. Christian Engelbrekt from DTU visited our group

13-Oct 2015

Dr. Christian Engelbrekt visited our group. During his stay, he gave us a presentation and introduced his research work in DTU and the country of Denmark.



Associate Prof. Jingdong Zhang from DTU visited our group

23-Aug 2015

From Aug 18th to 23rd, Associate Prof. Jingdong Zhang visited our group. During her stay, she gave us a presentation titled "Development of Bioelectrochemistry at Single Molecular Level". She also have discussion with group members on a wide range of topics.


Prof. Jinghong Li from Tsinghua University visited our group

06-Aug 2015

Prof. Jinghong Li from Tsinghua University visited our group and gave us a scientific presentation titled "Electroanalytical chemistry and biological sensing of graphene".


Ran-Ran Wu has defended her dissertation

23-May 2015

Ran-Ran Wu has successfully defended her Ph.D dissertation on 23 May, 2015.

Congratulations to Ran-Ran!


Prof. Slade, Prof. Rossa Dr. Hodgson from University of Surrey (UK) visited our lab

20-Apr 2015

Prof.Robert Slade, Prof. Claudio A. Rossa and Dr. Douglas Houdson from University of Surrey (UK) visited our lab and gave us presentations titled "Studies of enzymatic glucose/oxygen biological fuel cells and electrodes", "Analysis of the metabolic functions in the anodic microbial community to predict electricity production in microbial fuel cells" and "Fermentation/anodophile syntrophy in a microbial fuel cell cascade fed with the complex substrate DDGS", respectively.





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