News in 2011

Prof. Zhao's paper in Anal Chem was selected as core papers


One of Professor Feng ZHAO's papers  is the most cited paper among 42 core papers comprising the Research Front titled "CARBON IONIC LIQUID ELECTRODE" from the field of Engineering. selects the Research Fronts with the largest absolute increase in size in each of the 22 major fields covered by Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters.



News in 2011

Dr. Dong-Ping ZHAN from Xiamen University visited our lab


Dr. Dong-Ping ZHAN from Xiamen University visited our lab, and he gave us a presentation titled "Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy", introduced his research in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM).


Prof. Wei SHEN from Monash University visited our lab


Prof. Wei SHEN from Monash University visited our lab, and he gave us a presentation titled "Low-cost Microfluidics and Diagnostic Assay Research", introduced his research in Biofunctional Printing for Surface Engineering and shared his experiences in getting inspirations from life.


Prof. Harold D. May from MUSC visited our lab


Prof. Harold D. May from Medical University of South Carolina visited our lab, and he gave us two presentations titled "Applying Electrochemistry to Microbial Degradation and Synthesis" and "Methodology and Approach in Relation to Electrochemical, Microbial Degradation and Synthesis Research", introduced his research in degradation of PCBs, biosynthsis and bioenergy.


Prof. Hong LIU from OSU visited our lab


Prof. Hong LIU and her husband Prof. Yan-Zhen FAN from Oregon State University visited our lab, and she gave us a presentation titled "Optimiztion of Microbial Fuel Cell System for Power Generation".


Prof. Nong-Jian TAO from ASU visited our lab


Professor NongJian Tao from Arizona State University (in Metro Phoenix, Arizona) visited our lab and gave a presentation titled "Cell Phone Based Personal Devices for Sustainable Healthy and Environment".


Prof. Feng Zhao received a grant from NSFC


Prof. Feng Zhao received a grant, "The study of mechanism of electrode biofilm in wastewater treatment based on microelectrode techniquesa research" (Grant No. 21177122), from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). 


Song of IUE (MV) - The entry work to the IUE innovation culture series 2011


Song of IUE(MV), the entry work to the IUE innovation culture series 2011.


Congratulations to Prof. Feng ZHAO for receiving an award from Electrochemistry Communications


Congratulations to Professor Zhao for receiving the award of Most Cited Articles 2005-2009, granted by Electrochemistry Communications. The paper has been cited 103 times. [Full text]  




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